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Asha Bournetest

Master Trainer

Minneapolis, MN

(952) 239-3609

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Time of day
Both Daytime and Evening
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Both weekdays and weekends
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Let's equip and empower those working with and for young children. Particular areas of passion include building program quality, promoting professionalism through workforce development and encouraging those with identified gifts to become innovative leaders in the field.

Specialties: Workforce Development, Educational Leadership, Policy Development & Review, Training & Consulting, Ethics, Group/Meeting Facilitation, Staff Supervision & Retention, Program Design & Implementation, Emerging Leaders, Compensation Equity, Advocacy, Data Informed Decision-Making, Contract Design and Management

Age Group Expertise

Infants Toddlers Preschoolers School Age Adults

Knowledge and Competency Framework

I: Child Development and Learning II.A: Creating Positive Learning Experiences II.B: Promoting Cognitive Development II.C: Promoting Social and Emotional Development II.D: Promoting Physical Development II.E: Promoting Creative Development III: Relationships with Families IV.A: Observing, Recording and Assessing Development IV.B: Assessing and Using Information to Plan IV.C: Assessing and Using Information to Enhance and Maintain Program Quality V: Historical and Contemporary Development of Early Childhood Education VI: Professionalism VII.A: Establishing Healthy Practices VII.B: Ensuring Safety VII.C: Providing Healthy Nutrition VIII: Application through Clinical Experiences

Other Competencies

Adult Education: Delivery for Trainers CDA - Effective Program Operation CDA - Maintaining Professionalism CDA - Observing and Recording Behavior CDA - Physical and Intellectual Development CDA - Principles of Child Growth and Development CDA - Productive Family Relationships CDA - Safe Healthy Learning Environment CDA - Social and Emotional Development Coach - Coaching Relationship Coach - Effective Coaching Practices Coach - Managing Challenges Coach - Professional Responsibilities in Coaching Consultant - Building Relationships Consultant - Effective Consultation Practices Consultant - Managing Challenges Consultant - Professional Responsibilities in Consultation Mentor - Effective Mentoring Practices Mentor - Managing Challenges Mentor - Mentoring Relationship Mentor - Professional Responsibilities in Mentoring



Higher Education

Bachelor's Degree
Concordia University, St. Paul
Psychology, Birth-Grade 3:Early Childhood
Master's Degree
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
M A Education Leadership

Additional Credentials

DHS Background Check
MN Teaching License: Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten (Function Code: 180103)
384100 (Pre-Kindergarten)