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Carson Blaschkotest

Master Trainer


(218) 390-4755

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Joyce A. McQuiston M.S.Ed. Education from UWS-Superior, Wisconsin. SPECIAL EDUCATION Teacher-Proctor School District - Autism Certification Specialist; RBPD Coach-; EDUCATIONAL CAREĀ®: Founder/Teacher/Owner-.25+ years experience teaching children, working with families and training other teachers. Graduate of the College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN: B.A.S. Early Childhood Family Education (Parent/Adult Education)1992. 2000 received licensure for Kindergarten-Grade 6 in the Masters of Ed. program College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, MN. 2006 began with MN Child Care R&R as Literacy & School Readiness Trainer. Currently facilitating several trainings through Childcare Aware. "Your enthusiastic energy and contagious smile is truly what brought me back each week!"- "Joyce, I absolutely love coming to your classes! You are so respectful towards everyone. We are treated as though what we share is very important." - "Your respect for us shines through in your teaching."MNITC participant

Age Group Expertise

Infants Toddlers Preschoolers School Age Middle School Secondary Adults

Knowledge and Competency Framework

I: Child Development and Learning II.A: Creating Positive Learning Experiences II.B: Promoting Cognitive Development II.C: Promoting Social and Emotional Development II.D: Promoting Physical Development II.E: Promoting Creative Development III: Relationships with Families IV.A: Observing, Recording and Assessing Development IV.B: Assessing and Using Information to Plan IV.C: Assessing and Using Information to Enhance and Maintain Program Quality V: Historical and Contemporary Development of Early Childhood Education VI: Professionalism VII.A: Establishing Healthy Practices VII.B: Ensuring Safety VII.C: Providing Healthy Nutrition

Other Competencies

Adult Education: Delivery for Trainers CDA - Effective Program Operation CDA - Maintaining Professionalism CDA - Observing and Recording Behavior CDA - Physical and Intellectual Development CDA - Principles of Child Growth and Development CDA - Productive Family Relationships CDA - Safe Healthy Learning Environment CDA - Social and Emotional Development


Not by Chance SEEDS of emergent literacy

Higher Education

Bachelor's Degree
College of Saint Scholastica
Bachelor of Arts
Certificate/Credential for Credit
University of Wisconsin - Superior
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Master's Degree
University of Wisconsin - Superior
Special Education Major Learning Disabilities
Some College
St. Catherine University
Elementary Education K-6

Additional Credentials

DHS Background Check